Almas Design is an industrial ceramics manufacturing company which commits to respect the environment and care for its community.

Why be sustainable?

In both day-to-day and strategic decisions, we strive to create sustained and sustainable economic growth which minimises the environmental impact of the company’s activity.

Almas Design is a global company and therefore has an increased responsibility and mission to contribute to a better and sustainable environment, as well as contribute to the conservation of nature, the environment and biodiversity.

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Social Responsibility

Almas Design SA values the principles of work, social values and hygiene, safety and health in the workplace, its customers, suppliers, banks, the State, shareholders, the environment, unions and the community in which the company is established.

Therefore, we commit to good public conduct as well as to support the sustainable development of those who contribute directly or indirectly to Almas Design’s performance.

Our commitment to social responsibility is the result of a combination of different concerns. As an industrial manufacturing company, we consider the concerns of the surrounding community in which we operate, in all our decisions.  We always respect human rights, the environment, the ethical principles of our operations and we value our employees.

Our employees are our greatest asset, and Almas Design does not discriminate according to gender, race, religion, social class and age, and promotes equal opportunities between men and women.

Transparency, rigor, objectivity and initiative are values that should always be present when working with one another.