Corporate Responsibility

General Principles

  • Transparency
  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Confidence
  • Social responsibility
  • Quality

Community & Social Responsibility

  • Employing disabled people.
  • Giving contributions to several social institutions.
  • Helping employees.
  • Promoting social initiatives.

Our Workers

  • No gender discrimination.
  • No discrimination according race, religion, social class or age.
  • Transparency, rigor, objectivity and initiative are values which we demand in  professional relationships.
  • Stimulate professional development.
  • We do not allow sexual harassment, alcoholism and drugs.
  • All workers needs a fair wage.

Hygiene, Security & Health

  • Better work conditions -in order to prevent accidents.
  • Cleanness, organization, hygiene and security.


  • Products with high design level, fashionable colours and packaging solutions.
  • Efficiency, responsibility and transparency.


  • Our goal is to reduce environmental impact by:
  • Reducing waste.
  • Recycling waste.
  • Recycling water.
  • Reducing Energy Consumption.

Energy Efficiency

  • We plan to reduce energy consumption between 2010-2016 by 6%.
  • We’re investing in electronic components, changing production lighting, reduce heat leakage at the kiln, and more.
  • Almas is reducing its carbon footprint.