About Almas

A design-led company making beautiful pots from our factory in Portugal.

Founded in 1908, we combine over 100 years of tradition with the latest in manufacturing technology and modern design, producing thousands of pots every day and exporting to markets all over the world.

High quality design is key. Our pots are designed by award winning international designers, and we’re always looking to create something new.

“We’re always looking to the future, to produce something new and exciting in ceramics.”

Ricardo Abrantes President of Almas

Almas Chimney

discover Our History

In 2008 we celebrated 100 years in production. From pipes to pots, see how it all began.

Ricardo Abrantes

meet The Team

Over 100 people make Almas what it is. Meet the family.

Pot Transport

proud to be Made In Portugal

See the modern production of our cache pots from clay to kiln.